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Weidemann 1160

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The multifunctional Hoftrac

Compact design, low centre of gravity, tight turning radius and powerful performance – these features have characterised the Hoftrac series for years and still determine the immense success of the machines. The Hoftracs effortlessly fulfil any work task and work quickly, flexibly and safely – a Hoftrac is simply always ready for use.
 The Weidemann benefits at a glance

Weidemann articulated pendulum joint

The backbone of the Weidemann design. The legendary articulated pendulum joint. All four wheels remain in constant contact with the ground and the machine moves with maximum traction. In addition, the machine has unrivalled manoeuvrability.

High quality powder coating

Quality creates added value. A key feature of the Weidemann quality standard is the powder coating, which offers excellent corrosion protection. In contrast to the conventional wet painting, it greatly increases the service life of the machine and is therefore more efficient and also environmentally friendly.

100% differential lock

If necessary, the up to 100% connectable differential lock offers you maximum traction and shear force and keeps the tyre wear low (switched off during normal operation).

Two strong lift cylinders

Weidemann always installs two lift cylinders in all Hoftrac and wheel loader models. This guarantees that the load distribution is always optimally transferred to the loading arm. In addition, the entire loading system gains stability. The size of the lift cylinder is adapted to the respective size of the machine.

Perfectly matched P-kinematics

The angled loading arm is designed to be particularly sturdy and torsion resistant. At Weidemann, the kinematics are adjusted to the size of the machine: this ensures optimal balances of power for every machine. The advantage of P-kinematics lies in the exact parallel motion across the entire lifting area.

Increased lifting height due to longer loading arm

At Weidemann, most of the Hoftrac models can optionally be outfitted with a longer loading arm. Due to the longer loading arm, you can easily and simply achieve an increased lifting height and do not need to directly switch to a larger machine.

Large selection of attachment tools

Use your machine as a multi-tool: you have a wide selection of attachments available for your Weidemann. Here you can find which attachment in what size is right for your machine

Large selection of tyres

The optimal tyres for every subgrade: you have a wide selection of different tyres available for your Weidemann. You can find which tyres are right for is right for your machine

 Select your driver’s cab

Secure overhead guard with restraint system

Maximum safety that is state of the art. As a standard, Weidemann installs an overhead guard with a restraint system on all Hoftrac models. The overhead guard and the restraint system for the operator meet the current European machinery directive (2006/42/EC) for ROPS and FOPS protection.

Foldable canopy eps (Easy Protection System)

Optionally, Weidemann Hoftracs can be equipped with the fold-down canopy eps (Easy Protection System). The eps also meets the current European machinery directive (2006/42/EC) for ROPS and FOPS protection. With a few hand movements, the eps (Easy Protection System) can be prepared for a low clearance height.

 Technical specifications
  Standard Outfitting example 1 Outfitting example 2 Outfitting example 3

Engine data 

Manufacturer  Perkins Perkins Perkins Perkins
Engine type  403 D-11 403 D-15 403 D-15 403 D-15
Cylinders  3 3 3 3
Engine performance (max.)  kW (hp) 17.9 ( 24 ) 23.4 ( 32 ) 23.4 ( 32 ) 23.4 ( 32 )
at rpm (max.)  rpm 2800 2600 2600 2600
Cubic capacity  cm³ 1131 1496 1496 1496
Cooling system  Water Water Water Water

Electrical system 

Operating voltage  V 12 12 12 12
Battery  Ah 77 77 77 77


Operating weight (standard)  kg 1910 2060 2150 2250
Lift force (max.)  daN 2.170 2.170 2.170 2.170
Tipping load with bucket - machine straight  kg 905 994 1144 / 1285* 1330*
Tipping load with bucket - machine articulated  kg 660 727 882 / 994* 1087*
Tipping load with pallet fork - machine straight  kg 718 792 934 / 1048* 1095*
Tipping load with pallet fork - machine articulated  kg 521 576 721 / 808* 885*

Vehicle data 

Axle (optional) K80 (T80, T94) T80 T94 T80
Cab (optional) FSD (eps) FSD (eps) FSD (eps) Cab
Ground speed (optional) km/h 0 - 13 (20, 30) 0 - 20 0 - 20 (30) 0 - 20 (30)
Speed stages (optional) 1 (2) 2 2 2
Fuel tank capacity  l 20 20 20 20
Hydraulic oil tank capacity  l 20 20 20 20

Hydraulic system  

External services - Operating pressure  bar 305 305 450 450
Steering hydraulics - Oil flow  l/min 30.8 30.8 36.4 36.4
Steering hydraulics - Operating pressure  bar 225 225 225 225


Type of drive  Hydrostatic Hydrostatic Hydrostatic Hydrostatic
Traction drive  Oil engine Universal joint shaft Universal joint shaft Universal joint shaft

Noise values 

Average sound power level LwA  dB(A) 98,8 98,4 98,4 98,4
Guaranteed sound power level LwA  dB(A) 101 101 101 101
Specified sound pressure level LpA  dB(A) 85 84 84  


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